Innovative and Interactive

Our pioneering approach combines live zoom classes with special guests and on location filming

  • Live Instruction from India

    Our courses are all taught live via Zoom with recordings available afterwards. Each session features interactive activities and special guests.

  • Pre-Approved for Academic Credit

    We have worked with faculty at our partner institutions to ensure the curriculum meets the standards required for students to receive credit.

  • Perfect Prep for Future Travel

    Eligible students can benefit from NCP grants to cover a virtual tour and an in-country study tour once travel is possible.

Are you ready for the Indian Century?

  • Worlds Largest Country

    By 2023 the World Bank forecasts India will overtake China to be the most populous country on earth. India is one of the worlds youngest countries with an average age of 26 vs 38 in China.

  • Fastest Growing Economy

    Despite COVID the IMF forecasts India to grow faster than China in 2021 and each year for the foreseeable future. Per Capita Income is now where China was just before the Beijing Olympics.

  • Tech Takeover

    Many of the worlds leading tech companies are led by Indians including Google and Microsoft. Credit Suisse has identified over 100 startups based in India worth more than $1bn including Zomato and Ola and Oyo.

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Course Director

Instructor Bio:

Nick is Co-Founder of IndoGenius together with Meetu Soni. He is the Course Director of the DFAT supported “Reimagining India: Innovation in Practice” NCP consortium. IndoGenius have been delivering study tours in India since 2012 and have over 1600 alumni from more than 25 countries. Nick was the lead instructor for an acclaimed Coursera MOOC (4.7/5 star rated) developed for the U.S. Department of State and the Ohio State University. He has also delivered courses for New Zealand Prime Minister's Scholarship for Asia, British Council, the Government of India and managed projects for clients in including the European Commission. Nick has been living and working in India since 2007 and is based in Delhi and Goa. He loves history, philosophy, cricket and above all nature.

Nick Booker


Alumni Testimonials

1600 students taught face-to-face and over 10,000 online

“I am also still in awe of how much Nick knows not only about India, but the whole world, and I appreciate how lucky we are to have learnt from him!”

University of Adelaide

Sara Easson

“I'm a commerce student and Nick's knowledge of Indian culture has given incredible insights into the depth, diversity and history of India.”

Australian National University

Bertie Barker

“Nick's knowledge has shocked me, his passion and expertise is unmatched and listening to him speak about Indian culture just makes me smile. He is an amazing teacher and he is surrounded by a team of wonderful people.”

Queensland University of Technology

Murray Thorpe

Learning Outcomes

IndoGenius Virtual Study Tours have been designed to help students develop the following

  • Discover, assess and articulate the significance of India within the wider human story - past, present and future.

  • Recognise local and global challenges faced by India and how they align with, and impact, Australia.

  • Describe ways India solves problems through different approaches to innovation – from the global business delivery model to low-cost medical devices.

  • Apply analysis of Indian case studies to their degrees by learning directly from guest presenters at companies and social enterprises. Especially with regard to innovation in the 21st Century and the Indian connection to many careers.

  • Gain experience working in digital environments by applying varied techniques to locate and evaluate information from Indian sources; collaborating in virtual environments; and communicating through visual as well as written presentation.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Reimagining India!

    • 1 Countdown to Opening

    • 2 Namaste

    • 3 Welcome to the Class

    • 4 VST Apps

    • 5 House Rules

    • 6 Anekantavada

    • The Blind Men and the Elephant

    • 7 Our Experience

    • 8 About Your Instructor!

    • 9 Our Programs

    • 11 Learning Outcomes and Assessment

    • 10 My Role

    • Learning Outcomes and Assignments

    • 12 A Bit of Chat

    • 13 Before You Take the Factfulness Quiz

    • Please Take Our Factfulness Quiz!

    • 14 Factfulness Conversation

    • 15 Australia vs India Internet

    • 16 Final Comments

  • 02

    India on Screen (Recommendations)

    • RIVST Jan 22 Clip Session 2 Opening

    • Netflix Aus vs India

    • Slumdog Millionaire

    • Aamir Khan on Slumdog Millionaire

    • Aamir Khan Reaction to Slumdog Millionaire

    • Outsourced

    • Outsourced Reaction

    • Introducing Special Guest Smita Netra

    • Introducing Smita Netra

    • Cubicles

    • TVF Cubicles

    • TVF Kota Factory

    • Kota Factory

    • 3 Idiots

    • Aspirants

    • Aspirants - Indian Administrative Service

    • Historical Films - Jodha Akbar

    • Indian Matchmaking

    • Indian Matchmaking

    • Made in Heaven

    • Made in Heaven

    • Decoupled

    • Decoupled

    • Bahubali 2

    • Bahubali

    • Sacred Games

    • Four More Shots

    • Four More Shots

    • "Types of Indian Auntie"

    • Nalini Being a Typical Mom

    • Never Have I Ever

    • Q&A Final Chat

  • 03

    The Scale of India

    • Welcome Back

    • Quick Recap on Streaming

    • Does India have the World's Largest Population?

    • India's Population Density

    • Demographics - The World's Youngest Population?

    • The World's Most Populous Cities

    • The World's Largest Economy?

    • India's Socio-Economic Pyramid

    • Final Thoughts

  • 04

    India's Natural Diversity

    • Welcome Back - Introducing India's Natural Diversity

    • Introducing our Natural Wonders of India Tour

    • Take Our Natural Wonders of India Tour

    • The Monsoon Climate System

    • Comparing Australia and India (Size and Latitude)

    • Australia and India Climate Connection

    • Welcome Back - Intro to Part Two

    • Billionaires in Australia (Only watch the first few minutes) up to Murdoch)

    • Australian Tech Billionaires

    • Atlassian in India

    • Atlassian in India

    • A Quick Trello Tour

    • Intro to Trello

    • Please sign up to our Trello Board here....

    • Life at Atlassian

    • Intro to our Travel Challenge

    • Rachel Jones of Hippie in Heels

    • Travel Challenge Student Top Tens!

  • 05

    Different Ways of Experiencing Reality

    • Total Solar Eclipse - Different Ways to Experience the World

    • 0 Start Bruce Parry's TAWAI - A voice from the forest

    • We are part of the same family

    • 1 Hunter Gatherer vs Agriculture_converted

    • Agriculture Changed the Way We See the World

    • 2 The Two Hemispheres with Ian McGilchrist

    • The Two Hemispheres

    • 3 Empathy

    • India's Solution to a Common Problem

    • 4 Kumbh Mela

    • We Are One

    • 5 Tawai Conclusion

    • The Peopling of India (and Australia!)

    • Evolving Spiritual Tradition

    • Challenges Faced by Tribal People of India

  • 06

    The Early Evolution of India's Cultures

    • The Evolution of India's Spiritual Traditions

    • India's First Urban Civilization

    • The Indus Valley Civilization

    • India's First Urban Civilisation

    • Continuity of Culture Across Time and Space

    • Let's Go to the Himalayas

    • Let's Go to the Highest Mountains in the World

    • Aditya in the Himalayas

    • The Mysterious "Skeleton" Lake of Roopkund

    • Trekking to Brahmatal Lake

    • Swathi's India Hikes Presentation

    • Swathi's India Hikes Presentation

    • Take Our "Greatest Mountains in the World" Quiz

    • Himalayas Quiz

  • 07

    Introduction to India's Vedic Ritual Culture and Yoga

    • Introducing Vedic Culture

    • Measuring Out The Sacred Ground for the Fire Sacrifice

    • Purpose of the Ritual

    • The Entheogenic (Hallucinogenic?) Soma Plant

    • The Climax of the Ten Day Ritual

    • Dramatic Close of the Vedic Fire Ritual

    • Welcoming Susie Roy

    • What is Yoga?

    • Yoga and Health

    • What Does It Mean To Be Healthy

    • Simplest Yoga: A Great Place To Start

    • What is Prana and What are Chakras

    • The Multiple Aspects of Yoga

  • 08

    Diversity of India

    • Opening (Kumbh Mela)

    • Recap on Recurring Themes in Indian Civilisation

    • Linguistic Diversity

    • Diversity of Religion

    • Veg NonVeg

    • Introducing the Incredible India Tour

    • Incredible India Tour

    • Incredible India Tour Discussion

    • Thoughts on Diversity Plurality

  • 09

    Religious Plurality

    • Remembering Lata Mangeshkar and Opening Remarks

    • Home to All Faiths

    • Buddhism

    • Hinduism

    • Christianity (and Auroville)

    • Parsis (Zoroastrian)

    • Arrival of Islam

    • Sikhism and Bahai

    • Guest is like God

  • 10


    • Trevor Noah on Colonialism

    • The Arrival of Europeans in India

    • European Trading Posts

    • The World's First Multi-National Corporations

    • The Transatlantic Slave Trade

    • The British in India

    • The Complexity of India

    • Colonialism

    • Indian Connections with the American National Anthem

    • The Delhi Durbar 1911

    • British Occupation of India

    • The End of Empire

    • Vijay Prashad on British Colonialism in India

    • Revisiting Trevor Noah

    • Introduction to British Bombay

  • 11

    Digital India (Session 11)

    • Digital India (Session 11 Full Recording)

  • 12

    Six Kinds of Innovation (Final Session 12)

    • Six Kinds of Innovation (Full Video)

    • Our Final Session! Six Kinds of Innovation + Ben Sakker Kelly (DFAT/KPMG)

  • 13

    Final Assessment

    • Recap from Week 1: Learning Outcomes and Assessment

    • Learning Outcomes and Assignments

Ten years teaching experience

We have developed online and offline courses about India completed by thousands of students around the world

The Value of Virtual

COVID has forced us to innovate but fortunately we have had years of experience teaching online as well as face-to-face.

  • This course has been designed to help bridge the gap created by current travel restrictions and to help internationalise student experience by widening awareness of India.

  • The Reimagining India Virtual Study Tour enables students to learn about the relevance of India to their future careers using culturally contextualized case studies from startups, corporates and social enterprises.

  • Delivered in an engaging and interactive format live from India the course will actually take students to places that otherwise would not be possible even during a traditional study tour.

  • Students will have the option to use the course as a launchpad for further engagement with India including study tours, study abroad and internships once in-person opportunities return.

VST Course Fees

Credit Available for UG and PG Students

We have 100% fully funded scholarships available for eligible students. Many of these are available from either Government agencies or our partner institutions. Our standard fees per course range between USD$1250-$2400.

Our Next VST Starts In

Please apply well in advance to ensure time for eligibility checks and credit approval

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